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August 3, 1999
(Correction dated 7-Oct-99)

Dear Members,

There are a number of issues that need to be covered in this letter and they include:
     1)  The Irish Festival- New Brunswick
     2)  The furor over the attack on The MacCarthy Mór.
     3)  The election of two new directors.


 1)  The Irish Festival - New Brunswick - July 11-21, 1999:

My wife and I recently returned from New Brunswick and we simply had a wonderful time.  As a result of the work of our Canadian Director - Gerry McCarthy, we were welcomed by a reception in Moncton, NB and Saint John, NB, in addition to the Irish Festival in Miramichi, NB itself.  Although The MacCarthy Mór was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the opening of The Irish Festival, he was unable to attend at the last moment as a result of the attack on him in Ireland (More about this later).  The Irish Festival asked me as the President of the Clan MacCarthy Society to take his place and present the keynote speech at the opening, which I did.  Before our party traveled to Miramichi for The Irish Festival, we were welcomed by the Mayor of Moncton, NB, and leading Irish of that town by a reception at City Hall, and I was presented gifts by the Mayor.  Following that reception, we drove to Miramichi for a formal dinner ball that evening at which we were the guests of honor.  There were four Directors of the Clan Society attending: Dr. Maureen McCarthy, of Portsmouth, Virginia; Col. William J. McCarthy, of Fredricksburg, Virginia (newly elected); Gerry McCarthy, of Moncton, NB, and myself.

The following morning, the opening was held in a large arena before about 1000, at which time a bagpipe band piped in the platform group, and I marched shoulder to shoulder with the Premier of New Brunswick at the front of the platform group, which included four federal legislators and three New Brunswick provincial legislators as well as several other prominent officials.

The following morning, a family walking parade was held and about 3500 Irish walked behind their individual family banners and about 600 MacCarthys marched in the parade.  As the parade Marshall, I rode in the front of the parade on a green Cadillac convertible to honor the First International Gathering of the Clan MacCarthy.  That afternoon, a Clan MacCarthy reception we held which featured genealogical studies and aid, displays, music and sales of MacCarthy T-shirts, Polo shirts, and placemats.  A Clan MacCarthy dinner was held that night which was attended by about 200 MacCarthys, and I presented the keynote speech at that dinner.  The following day, A catholic Mass was celebrated by a bishop and none priests in the Cathedral at Miramichi and the MacCarthy party was piped In to a position of honor in the front pews.

Following The Irish Festival, a reception was held for us by the Mayor of Saint John, NB attended by leading Irish in that town.  As the representative of the Clan MacCarthy Society I paid tribute to Saint John for its role in Irish immigration for 100 years before Ellis Island was established.  I was presented gifts in all three towns, and I presented a set of the publications by The MacCarthy Mór and The Royal Eóghanacht Society in all three places.

In the event any member wishes to obtain a MacCarthy T-shirt of Polo shirt, they are available for $15 (Canadian) for the T-shirt and $30 for the Polo shirt.  The MacCarthy place mats were available eight for $12.  They can be ordered direct from Marven McCarthy, 6 Snowball Street, Miramichi, NB, Canada, E1N 1X6.  Phone: 506-773-6296 (E-mail:  From the United States, a check written on a US bank and marked in Canadian funds will be debited to your account in equivalent US dollars.

If any are interested in a video of these proceedings, we will put together a copy from the two videos we have.  Depending upon the response, the cost of a copy will be determined by the number of copies we make at any one time.  With postage, it will be about $20 if we make 12 copies.

This was such a wonderful experience, we want to plan on more MacCarthy gatherings, either regionally, nationally, or internationally.  It has been suggested to us that as there are several Irish Fests around the country, we could utilize the celebration already planned and supported and have a one-day Clan MacCarthy reception and dinner.  It has already been suggested that we consider the Irish Fest in Milwaukee, WI, which is held every year in the summer, as well as The Irish Festival held in Giants stadium, Rutherford, NJ held each year the last week in June.  We are open to suggestions.  Obviously, we have to have a local committee who would take on the job of organizing the reception and dinner in any location we would choose to have a gathering.

Please send your suggestions and offers in for consideration.

Correction: The following three paragraphs were accidently left out when we first put this online.

We are planning on an article for the 2000 year issue of the Stag Trippant to include pictures on this year's Irish Festival on the Miramichi.

The appearance of The MacCarthy Mór at The Irish Festival was to be the centerpiece of his planned North American tour.  Following the Festival in New Brunswick, appearances and functions were planned in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and the Albany-Troy, New York area.  We had a network of generous people in these areas who had to make all the arrangements and after his trip cancellation, unwind and cancel all the plans made.  In particular, our Director, Dr. Bill McCarty in Troy, New York, exerted particular effort to plan a Clan MacCarthy Dinner in Albany, and receptions by the Mayors of both Albany and Troy, as well as proclamations by the Mayors and the State of New York.  In addition, in the week before the cancellation, Dr. Bill McCarty hand addressed about 250 letters of invitation to the MacCarthys in the Albany-Troy area to the planned Clan MacCarthy dinner.  I wish to express my appreciation to him for all his work both in planning for the trip of The MacCarthy Mór and then having to cancel all the plans.

At the Irish Festival, as the President of The Royal Eóghanacht Foundation, I announced on behalf of The MacCarthy Mór, that two scholarships of $1000 each would be sponsored by the Foundation in Irish studies at any accredited college in North America or Europe.  Applications can be obtained from our office.

 2)  The MacCarthy Mór Furor:

See our page on the MacCarthy Mór for information on this.

 3)  Election of New Directors:

We have two new Directors who took office on July 1, 1999, and will serve for three years until June 30, 2002.  They are as follows:

J. Laurence McCarty
McLean, Virginia
Col. William J. McCarthy
Frederickburg, Virginia

Although the Clan MacCarthy Society and The Royal Eóghanacht Foundation each paid one-quarter of the airline fares of The MacCarthy Mór, I had asked for pledges from the members for the balance and I received more than enough pledges to cover the balance.  Since the airline tickets were cancelled, I have been informed that the penalty of cancellation will be less than that already obtained from each of the above organizations.  In fact, when I receive the refund, I will be able to pay back some money to each.  Then, no pledges need to be paid and those few members who already sent a check to cover expenses can ask for a refund and I will send it to you.


Best Regards,

Lawrence J. McCarthy
The Clan MacCarthy Society, Inc.

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