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Letter from the Clan MacCarthy Society of North America to the Irish Prime Minister.

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Chartered in New York State
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June 24, 1999

Mr. Bertie Aherne, T.D.
An Oifig na Taoseach
An Dail
Baile ath Cliath (Dublin)
Republic of Ireland

Dear Prime Minister Aherne:

This letter is written on behalf of The Clan MacCarthy Society, Inc. of North America in support of the claim to the title of The MacCarthy Mór by Terence Francis MacCarthy.  The Clan MacCarthy is well satisfied by the ancient Gaelic successional process of Tanistry on which he bases his claim to the title.  The Irish Genealogical Office recognized his claim officially in 1991 and his claim at that time was based on Tanistry, and not primogeniture, which, as you know, was the official English legal successional process which was used in part to destroy the ancient Gaelic culture 400 years ago. In fact, the Clan MacCarthy will not recognize any claimant who claim the title under primogeniture, as being automatically disqualified under the ancient Brehon Law, by asserting a claim based on primogeniture, rather than Tanistry.

We suspect the authority of the Chief Herald in the successional process of determining the Chief of the Name of the Clan MacCarthy and further suspect the political motives of the current campaign to impugn the character and person of The MacCarthy Mór.

After reviewing the article printed in The Sunday Times on June 20, 1999, it is clear that the bias shown there is illuminated by the absence of any mention of the remarkable career of The MacCarthy Mór over the past nearly 20 years since he became The MacCarthy Mór.

To summarize, The MacCarthy Mór, for nearly 20 years, has spent his term illuminating the ancient Gaelic culture and heritage and particularly, the ancient Kingdom of Munster, of which he is our recognized successor.  Through his re-invigoration of the ancient nobiliary organization of The Niadh Nask (Military Order of the Golden Chain, which was and is a prerogative of the Royal Eóghanacht Dynasty) he has sponsored a worldwide group of those interested in Gaelic culture and further, interested and supporting of charitable endeavors. As a sponsor of the Royal Eóghanacht Society in Ireland, he has seen to the publication of the following works: Cashel '96, Three Centuries if Niadh Nask Bookplates, Links in a Golden Chain, A New Book of Rights (Leabhar na gCeart Nua), Justin MacCarthy, Lord Mountcashel, and most recently, The Kings of the Race of Eibhear.

As an author, he has personally written the following books dealing with Irish history and genealogical matters: Historical Essays on the Kingdom of Munster, The MacCarthys of Munster, Ulster's Office 1552-1800 and An Irish Miscellany (along with The Count of Clandermond).

In addition, The MacCarthy Mór's term has been noted for the many genealogical and historical articles printed in various publications and the many lectures on Irish history in many locations over the past 20 years.

He is the sponsor of The Royal Eóghanacht Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt and charitable organization in the United States devoted to the ancient Gaelic culture in Ireland, particularly of Munster, through cultural exchanges, and educational grants for Irish studies, as well as the preservation of physical artifacts of the Royal Eóghanacht Dynasty.

The MacCarthy Mór is President of the International Commission for Orders of Chivalry as well.

In short, the research, studies, lectures and publications as well as his sponsorship of the several international bodies interested in ancient Gaelic culture by The MacCarthy Mór has marked his term, and the Clan MacCarthy is deservedly proud of our Chief of the Name, and disputes the right and authority of the Chief Herald to determine his right to bear the title of The MacCarthy Mór.

The Clan MacCarthy considers that the right to determine the Chief of the Name of the Clan MacCarthy to be exclusively the right of the MacCarthy family acting through the several Clan MacCarthy Societies in both Ireland and the United States.

Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Lawrence J. McCarthy
The Clan MacCarthy Society, Inc.

cc: The Chief Herald
Irish Genealogical Office
National Library
Kildare St.
Dublin2, Ireland

The Sunday Times
St. Stephens Green
Dublin 2, Ireland

Mary McAleese
President of Ireland
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8, Ireland

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