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We of the The Clan MacCarthy Society, Inc. invite you to join us!

 Membership Application: 

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The Clan MacCarthy includes the following related septs and surnames: MacCarthy, McCarthy, McCarty, MacCartney, McCartney, Macartney, Carthy, Carty, Cartey, MacDonough, McDonogh, MacAuiliffe, and McAuliffe.

The primary purpose of the society is to honor, preserve, promote, and perpetuate the traditions of the Irish American people, with particular emphasis on those of The Clan MacCarthy and its contributions to the history and culture of the United States and Canada.

Who can Join?  Anyone named or descended from the MacCarthy family, any of the Sept families, or anyone who is interested in Irish heritage and culture.  Membership is not limited to residents of North America.  We welcome members from all countries of the world where the MacCarthy family has settled.  We are not a genealogical society.

The regular membership fee and subsequent annual dues are $25 (US Dollars).  The membership fee covers 1 calendar year, and the annual dues become due on January 1st.  There are different levels of membership in the society, such as, youth membership, life membership, honorary membership, etc.

Members will receive the following:

  1. A membership in the Irish American Heritage Museum ( One benefit of membership is a Reciprocal Museum Pass ( which allows access to many museums (668) in North America. Another is a newsletter on Irish-American History.
  2. A membership certificate in The Clan MacCarthy Society, suitable for framing.
  3. A wallet-sized membership card each year, date specific.

If you are interested in learning more of your Irish clan and someday meeting other clan members, please print out & complete the membership application, and return it with your check to The Clan MacCarthy Society, Inc. for a $25 Regular Membership (US Dollars).

To current members: The annual membership fee is $25 US, and is due on January 1 of each year.  Please make your check out to The Clan MacCarthy Society, Inc., and send it to:

Robert P. McCarthy, President
The Clan MacCarthy Society
5 Fox Hollow Rd
Troy, NY 12180


A note to all members:
If your postal or e-mail address changes, please let me know.  WeBmAsTeR, Secretary.

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