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Genealogy Resources



No doubt some of you who are visiting our webpages are interested in genealogy.  On this page, we provide some information and links for some genealogy resources available on the Internet specifically of interest to researchers of the surname MacCarthy and its variations.

If you are looking for more generalized genealogy links, then check out Cyndi's List.


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The key to finding all RootsWeb's resources for a surname is their Surname Resources.  They have separate webpages for almost every surname.  Each of these webpages have links and search boxes for every resource that RootsWeb has for that particular surname!  Links for message boards and surname mailing lists included.  You can't get more convenient than that.

These two search forms will search on the Soundex code for the surname entered, so it will respond with several similar surnames.
Here is a separate link to their index of mailing lists.


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They have many message boards for many surnames.  Here are just a few:
There are many other variations available also, which you can search for below.
This search form will retrieve info on only the surname you entered (it does not use Soundex codes like the RootsWeb search forms above).



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They have many message boards also for many surnames.
With the following form, you can search using the Soundex code, or not.  You choose.

Use Soundex 


For bug reports and link corrections, please e-mail the webmaster: WeBmAsTeR.

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