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Celt line

MacCarthy Coat of Arms

Celt line

The MacCarthy (or McCarthy, McCarty, etc.), coat of arms, at it's most basic, is the red stag "trippant" (stepping), on a shield of metal grey.  Over the centuries, different branches (families) of the Clan MacCarthy have embellished or added to this basic design to personalize it.  The most simple addition to a coat of arms is a crest above them, which signified a particular family within the clan.  For example, one branch of the family had a crest consisting of an armored hand holding a newt.

Below is a generic MacCarthy (McCarthy, McCarty, etc.), coat of arms in two sizes, using our ever-present stag.  You may save a copy onto your computer, if you like.  Just right click on the picture, and choose "Save Picture As..."

Generic MacCarthy Coat of Arms

Generic MacCarthy Coat of Arms


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