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Welcome to the Clan MacCarthy Society Website!

The grand Celtic clan of "MacCarthy" has many spelling derivations that have evolved over time.  Here are a few: McCarthy, McCarty, McArthy, McArty, MacCarty, McCurdy, McAthey, MacCarthaigh, McClarty, McCardy, McKarty, etc.  I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Our Society, founded in 1992, is principally but not exclusively, comprised of members from Canada and the United States.  Please take a moment to read our objectives and consider becoming a member.  Take a moment as well, to sign our guestbook.  To visit any portion of our Site, just click on the subject listed on the left side of each page.  Thank you for visiting and return soon.

The Objectives of our Society:

Arrow To promote knowledge of the Clan history, and Irish history, traditions, and customs.

Arrow To honor, preserve, promote, and perpetuate the traditions of the Irish-American people, with particular emphasis on those of The Clan MacCarthy, and its contributions to the history and culture of the United States and Canada.

Arrow To promote, preserve, and provide a place of safekeeping for artifacts, manuscripts, and other items, documents, and/or literature pertaining to the Clan.

Arrow To publish a periodic newsletter to provide members with information and a forum to communicate with other members.

Arrow To preserve and protect, to the best of our means, Gaelic values and traditions, particularly those of the ancient province of Munster.

Arrow To promote fellowship among Clan members, and all peoples, at various local, regional, and country Clan Gatherings.

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Anyone named or descended from the MacCarthy family, any of the Sept families, or anyone who is interested in Irish heritage and culture.  Membership is not limited to residents of North America.  We welcome members from all countries of the world where the MacCarthy family has settled.  We are not a genealogical society.




A note to all members:
If your postal or e-mail address changes, please let me know.  Our email,.

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